Adding Fields and Tiles

Adding fields

Don’t see something you need? Want to track something different? You can expand Disciple.Tools functionality!

See this starter plugin branch for an implemented example:

Adding a field to track

You need tell that you want to track something new. Fields are defined in the theme’s custom post type file. And we give you a way to add to that list using the dt_custom_fields_settings filter.

Here is an example on how to add a spoken language field on the contact:

add_filter( "dt_custom_fields_settings", "dt_contact_fields", 1, 2 );
function dt_contact_fields( array $fields, string $post_type = ""){
    //check if we are dealing with a contact
    if ($post_type === "contacts"){
        //check if the language field is already set
        if ( !isset( $fields["language"] )){
            //define the language field
            $fields["language"] = [
                "name" => __( "Spoken Language", "disciple_tools_language" ),
                "type" => "key_select",
                "default" => [
                    "english" => __( "English", "disciple_tools_language" ),
                    "french" => __( "French", "disciple_tools_language" )
    //don't forget to return the update fields array
    return $fields;

Here we take advantage of the dt_custom_fields_settings filter, tell it to call the dt_contact_fields function. The 1 parameter is the priority. We want this to be called before other filters. The 2 paramenter is the number of arguments we expect (fields and post_type)

Displaying the field on the contact record.

Note that we have the language field defined, we want to display it on the contact itself. The will take 2 steps:

  • declaring the new section(s) using the dt_contact_details_additional_section_ids filter
  • building the new section in the dt_contact_details_additional_section action

Declaring the section

add_filter( "dt_details_additional_section_ids", "dt_declare_section_id", 999, 2 );
function dt_declare_section_id( $sections, $post_type = "" ){
    //check if we are on a contact
    if ($post_type === "contacts"){
        $contact_fields = Disciple_Tools_Contact_Post_Type::instance()->get_custom_fields_settings();
        //check if the language field is set
        if ( isset( $contact_fields["language"] ) ){
            $sections[] = "contact_language";
        //add more section ids here if you want...
    return $sections;

Adding the section

add_action( "dt_details_additional_section", "dt_add_section" );
function dt_add_section( $section ){
    if ($section == "contact_language"){
        $contact_id = get_the_ID();
        $contact_fields = Disciple_Tools_Contact_Post_Type::instance()->get_custom_fields_settings();
        $contact = Disciple_Tools_Contacts::get_contact( $contact_id, true )
        <!-- need you own css? -->
        <style type="text/css">
            .required-style-example {
                color: red

        <label class="section-header">
            <?php esc_html_e( 'Language', 'disciple_tools' )?>
        <div class="section-subheader">
            <?php esc_html_e( 'Spoken Language', 'disciple_tools' )?> <span class="required-style-example">*</span>
        <select class="select-field" id="language" style="margin-bottom: 0px">
            foreach ( $contact_fields["language"]["default"] as $key => $value ){
                if ( $contact["language"]["key"] === $key ) {
                    <option value="<?php echo esc_html( $key ) ?>" selected><?php echo esc_html( $value["label"] ); ?></option>
                <?php } else { ?>
                    <option value="<?php echo esc_html( $key ) ?>"><?php echo esc_html( $value["label"] ); ?></option>
                <?php }

        <script type="application/javascript">
            //enter jquery here if you need it

    //add more sections here if you want...

End result

End result

Add field to site search

If you want the custom field to be searched when using the contact/group search, you can add the field name to the list of fields to be searched using the dt_search_extra_post_meta_fields filter.

add_filter( "dt_search_extra_post_meta_fields", "dt_search_fields", 10, 1 );
function dt_search_fields( array $fields ) {
    //add the "language" field added in the dt_contact_fields function to search
    array_push( $fields, "language" );
    return $fields;

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Last Modified: June 30, 2020