The D.T theme hold the core of the features. But so much more can be accomplished through plugins.

Plugins can be used to and new functionality, integrate with outside services, and provide a customization set.

See our plugins list.


A good plugin use is integrating with an outside service like Facebook, slack or your own database system.
A good example is our Facebook plugin.


Extend D.T to add a new feature

Customizing Settings

Create a plugin that can be used on multiple D.T instances or on a multisite to provide a common set of fields.

See the Started Plugin Tile and Fields branch and our customization documentation

Creating new plugins

We’ve create 2 plugins to give you a quick start in creating a new plugin.

See our Starter Plugin
Be sure to check out the @todos as you refactor the plugin for your needs.

For a simple solution see our one page example

We also have a plugin for adding new metric pages: Advanced Metrics Plugin

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Last Modified: June 30, 2020