Category: Releases

March 3, 2020

Theme Release: 0.28.0

  • Lists: filter by connections and people groups
  • upgrade location grid with mapbox meta 
  • User Management tools (found under the settings gear)
  • Upgrade custom post type list and details pages
  • Translation and date formatting improvements by 
  • Fix nav bar on medium screens
  • Notifications dates are shown as “2 days ago” format. 

requires: 4.7.1
tested: 5.3.2

December 9, 2019

Theme Release: 0.26.0

  • More help modal documentation thanks to @mikeallbutt
  • Green add record buttons thank to @mikeallbutt
  • Upgrade to metrics mapping charts
  • Update D.T logos
  • Get browsersync working again thanks to @blachawk
  • Consistent tile titles by @mikeallbutt
  • Translation fixes
  • Fix redirect when the user is logged out of a page
  • Other fixes and bugs
  • Contacts list last modified column by @blachawk
  • Fix comments escaping issue by @blachawk

requires: 4.7.1
tested: 5.3

October 9, 2019

Release: 0.24.0

  • Fix enqueue bug with child themes and metrics by @bradwellsb
  • Fix icon background in nav bar by @bradwellsb
  • Only show active site connects in contact transfer list
  • Comments and Activity by site links will show the link name on contacts and groups
  • Sources are not hidden from the multiplier role any more
  • Critical Path chart is now available to multipliers
  • API for comments: ability to set comment date and comment type
  • Location typeaheads: matched text in bold
  • API endpoints to get and set user settings

requires: 4.7.1
tested: 5.2.3