List Exports

Disciple Tools - List Exports


This is a beta first release plugin. It adds the capacity to export default or custom filtered contact lists as BCC emails, phone number groups, csv file, and to a points based map.

The use case for this plugin is when you are catalyzing activity of groups, you can use the standard tags, group connections, or other filter tools to build a custom list. Then export the custom list to a BCC email.

This plugin is not designed to replace MailChimp or other bulk email tools. Generally, exporting a few hundred emails to BCC might cause trouble with your email provider. But when grouping under 100, this tool should be a quick and efficient way to do that.


(Required) You must have Disciple.Tools Theme installed before using this plugin. Once Disciple.Tools is installed, you can use the normal Plugin system to install the plugin.