Contact Record screen

You can view all the information stored for this contact. The following tabs make up the contact record screens.

  • Details
  • Progress
  • Comments and Activity
  • Connections

View & Edit Contact

If you need to make adjustments, then click the Edit button in the top right corner of the screen. Click the Save button to save your changes or click the Cancel button to not save your edits.

Contact Details screen

Contact Details screen

View (or Edit) the contacts details.

Contact Details edit

Contact Progress screen

Contact Progress screen

View (or Edit) the Contact Progress.

Contact Comments and Activity screen

View and add comments using the comment field at the bottom of the Contact Comments and Activity screen.

Contact Comments screen

Contact Connections screen

Contact Connections screen

View (or Edit) the Contact Connections.

Contact Connections edit

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Last Modified: January 25, 2021