Mobile App and Mobile App Server Plugin

App for the Phone

In addition to the mobile app, the mobile app plug-in must be installed on your Disciple.Tools system.

Why is it called "D.T"?

Because Disciple.Tools was designed to be used in countries where Christianity is illegal, we wanted to diminish the risk of an app on a disciple maker’s phone called “Disciple.Tools”. It’s not a perfect protection, we know, but it does diminish the nature of the app to a casual inspection.

Can I use the app without a Disciple.Tools server?

No. The mobile app pulls and pushes data to a Disciple.Tools server. It is designed “offline first” meaning the app will store your updates while you are without internet connection and sync back with the server as soon as you come online again.

Plugin for Disciple.Tools System

The mobile app on the phone connects to the Disciple.Tools server through the mobile app plugin. If the plugin is not present, then the mobile app on the phone cannot connect to the Disciple.Tools system.

Why does it need a plugin?

Disciple.Tools attempts to offer a core system with features needed/wanted by the entire community. It uses plugins to easily extend the system to add features that a particular team might want. The mobile app is in this category of optional expansion. 

Installing the plugin is a one-time, 3 minute effort and will run in the background continually without further interactions (other than updates).

Sample Screens

Built with by the Disciple.Tools Community

Are you a developer?

This mobile app (along with Disciple.Tools and the many plugins) have been built by the Disciple.Tools open source community. 

Want to contribute your time and talent to a genuine global Kingdom resource?