We have done our best to extensively document how the rich features and workflows of Disciple.Tools work and how they compliment your disciple making.

Disciple.Tools is a customized WordPress theme (with a mobile app for iOS and Android) that will have the following components:

  • Contact tracking and follow-up management
  • Records of baptisms and multiple generations
  • Dashboards, charts, and maps to show health and progress of the movement initiative
  • Mobile-first web design
  • User management and communication for coordinating a coalition
  • Reporting integration to Facebook, Google Analytics, MailChimp, Twitter, and more
  • Prayer network tracking, reporting, and prayer guide publishing
  • Partner network communication and updates publishing
  • Extendability through the 40k plugins on the WordPress
  • Open source, preconfigured, low-tech skills required, cheap hosting options

This is the introduction page for the documentation referencing the Disciple.Tools Theme.