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Settings screen

The Settings screen on the D.T app.

The header area of the Settings Screen displays basic information about the logged in user.

  • User icon
  • Username
  • URL of the DT instance that is being used

The following adjustments can be made on the app settings screen.

  • Online – Slide the toggle switch to activate Offline mode or return to Online mode.
  • Dark Mode – Slide the toggle switch to activate Dark Mode on your mobile device.
  • Auto login – Slide the toggle switch to enable or disable. If it is enabled and the API token is not expired, then you are will not be prompted to enter URL and credentials at the Login Screen.
  • Remember Login Details – Slide the toggle switch to enable or disable. If it is enabled, the app will remember your login details on the Login Screen.
  • PIN code – Choose your own 4 digit code to enter instead of your username and password combination.If a PIN code is set, press Remove PIN code to remove it. You will be prompted to enter the current set PIN code to deactivate this setting.
  • Help / Support – Send an email to the developers of the Disciple Tools app.
  • Sign Out – Click to immediately sign out of the app. You will taken back to the login screen where you can sign back in. You might need to do this if you want to use a different instance or username of Disciple Tools.
  • Language selection – From this dropdown menu, choose the language that you want to have the app use.
  • Note: The version number of the app is displayed as a reference.

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Last Modified: April 28, 2022