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All People Groups

All of your added people groups will be listed here.

To get started, we recommend clicking Import for a faster experience. You can also manually add people groups by clicking Add New

When you hover over the name of a people group, the following options appear:

  • Edit
  • Quick Edit
  • Trash
  • View

Filter and Search People Groups

There is a people groups Filter facility at the top of the people groups list that can be used to find people groups. The filter uses the date the listing was added to your instance of DT.

You can also use the Search People Groups field on the top right side of this screen to find a people group that has already been added.

Edit People Group

Click on the name of the people group or hover over it and click Edit

The numbers at the end of the people group such as the Bambara ( France | 100925 ), represents the ROP3 code. This code is a unique identifier shared between the list of people groups identified by Joshua Project and the IMB. When you import or link a people group with this ROP3 code, it will import data labels used by these two organizations for that people group. When you select a contact’s people group in their Contact Record Details Tile, it will give the potential for reporting key metrics on the status of their people group. What God does among your people as noted in Disciple.Tools will be very helpful data for updating Joshua Project and IMB’s databases on the status of the Great Commission.

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Last Modified: December 22, 2020