Disciple.Tools is free as in "freedom".

Download the software and run it anywhere you want. No restrictions. No dependency on us. You own your data. You own your ministry future.

Recommended Partner Hosting Services

Partner Hosts

Partner Hosts are companies or organizations, independent from Disciple.Tools, that have become experts in setting up Disciple.Tools and have agreed to offer multiple managed hosting solutions.  

Disciple.Tools Hosting by CRIMSON

Created specifically for Disciple Tools. We provide all the setup so you can focus on making disciples.
See pricing and hosting options to learn more.

*Note that this offer is presented by a 3rd party partner. Disciple.Tools is not responsible for this service. ​Disciple.Tools does benefit financially from this option.

Partner #2

Check out the news post to learn more.

*Note that this offer is presented by a 3rd party partner and Disciple.Tools neither benefits from nor is responsible for this service.

Premium Hosting Services

Premium Hosts

Premium WordPress hosts will take away most of the pain from the responsibility of hosting Disciple.Tools. These hosts are usually marked by full-service customer support, fast servers with good response time, and pro-active security and server health monitoring.

WPEngine is a world class WordPress hosting service with great customer support. Their service is fast, easy to manage, and has free SSL security for your Disciple.Tools site. $25 / mo (last we checked)

Flywheel (

Flywheel is owned by WPEngine and offers the same quality but targeted at single site hosting. $15 / mo (last we checked)

Kinsta is a top premium host competitor for WPEngine and offers the same enterprise level hosting quality. $30 / mo (last we checked)

Budget Hosting Services (Caution)

Budget Hosts

Budget WordPress hosts (usually under $10 a month) have a pattern of weaker customer support, slower servers and server maintenance. You can still have great experiences with these hosts. All of these are recommended by on its public page.  


Bluehost is a well known and long-time anchor in the WordPress hosting market. They are the top recommendation on for WordPress hosting. $8 / mo (last we checked)


They are recommended by for WordPress hosting. $3 / mo (last we checked)


SiteGround offers fast servers and well attested customer support. They do not offer multisite support, but for launching a single Disciple.Tools site, they would be a good choice. They are recommended by for WordPress hosting. $15 / mo (last we checked)

Incompatible Hosting Services is a great host for free simple websites, but they heavily control the themes and plugins allowed on their servers. For this reason, Disciple.Tools and the plugins developed for it are not compatible with this kind of shared, highly restricted hosting.

7 Simple Steps to Hosting Yourself


Download Disciple.Tools (this will download a compressed file called


Select a hosting service (listed above) and sign up for an account. The hosting company will setup WordPress for you and send you login information.


Sign in with the information the hosting company gave you to your new WordPress site. 


Navigate to the site admin area of your WordPress site. There is usually a link on the home page of a new WordPress site, or you can add /wp-admin to the url of your new site.


In the Admin area, navigate to “Appearance” in the left navigation menu and then “Themes”. On the themes screen, select the “Add New” button at the top of the screen, and then “Upload Theme” button at the top again. 


Select the “” file you downloaded in step 1 and then click “Install Now” button.


Enjoy Disciple.Tools!