Software Structure

Disciple.Tools, WordPress, Themes, Plugins and Customizations

  • Disciple.Tools is a WordPress theme.

  • Disciple.Tools can be installed on any new/empty WordPress instance.

  • Disciple.Tools is not dependent on any server configuration as long as it runs WordPress.

  • Disciple.Tools is built for aiding Disciple Making Movements. The theme is what we call the core of Disciple.Tools. It comes set up with contacts and groups with default fields workflows geared towards DMMs. See more features here

  • The core of Disciple.Tools is designed to be configured and extended. It can be customized through settings in the WordPress admin panel for most standard customizations like adding fields, tiles and changing defaults. Disciple.Tools can also be extended via plugins using WordPress’s Actions and Hooks. Examples: Adding new tabs besides Contacts and Groups, creating your own metric pages, creating custom tiles and fields you can distribute across multiple Disciple.Tools instances.

  • Disciple.Tools also is extendable via plugins to add functionality like: integrating with Facebook, placing webforms on your media website, and synchronizing with your proprietary database.

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Software Stack (Webserver, WordPress, Disciple Tools, Plugins)

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