Kingdom Vision

What if we made a world class software and gave it away?

The Heavenly Economy

There are two kinds of economies — earthly and heavenly. The earthly economy says if I have something you don’t have, I am rich and you are poor. The heavenly economy says if I have been given something from God, the more open-handed I can be with it, the more he will entrust to me.

In the heavenly economy, we profit by what we give away. When we faithfully obey and pass on what the Lord communicates to us, He will communicate with us more clearly and fully. This path leads to deeper insights, greater intimacy with God, and living the abundant life He intends for us.

Our desire to live out this heavenly economy laid the foundation for our choices in developing Disciple.Tools.

What if we made the software open source, highly expandable, and decentralized?

Un-blockable Community

Disciple.Tools grew out of disciple making field work in highly persecuted countries. The real awareness that one ministry, one team, one project can be blocked, is for us, not just a theoretical challenge. 

For this reason and from the insights in disciple making movements, we realized the most un-blockable structure is a decentralized one where no centralized database exists containing all contact records and movement data. Though decentralization comes with its own challenges, movements thrive on decentralized authority and power to act. We wanted to engineer into our software the same DNA we see God using to multiply disciples and churches.

A diversified, distributed and committed community can continue and grow, even if parts are persecuted or hindered. With this insight before us, we have positioned Disciple.Tools in the open source environment, riding on the back of the worldwide, open source WordPress framework, which has been our model for decentralized distribution of Disciple.Tools.

What if others wanted to labor with the same transparency, accountability, and expectancy that we do?

Immediate, Radical, Costly Obedience

Jesus said, “Go and make disciples of all nations…” Disciple.Tools software exists to aid disciple makers in doing that very thing. Without collaboration and accountability, we risk squandering the opportunity Christ gave our generation to make disciples among all nations.

We know that the Spirit and the bride say come. The outcomes and fruit of our generation is restricted (as it is with all generations) by our obedience and full surrender to the leading of our Lord. 

Jesus said, “the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few…” If disciple makers don’t follow through in connecting with the seekers and new disciples God leads them to, the bountiful harvest could rot on the vine.

Disciple.Tools enables the disciple maker and discipling team to take seriously every name and every group God gives them to shepherd. It provides the accountability our lazy hearts need to dig deep and stay faithful with the disciple making task. It allows a community of disciple makers to move past anecdotal and soft understandings of the progress of the Gospel within their ministry, and get concrete about who, what, when and where the Gospel is advancing.