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Advanced M2M Tiles POC The Advanced M2M Tiles plugin adds additional tools to help media 2 movement access usage of Disciple Tools. Advanced tools for dispatching new contacts and connecting them with multipliers. Expansions, Proof of Concept, Utilities View
Coaching Checklist BETA A tile to track the progress of a contact using the coaching checklist. Inspired by Zúme's coaching checklist. Beta, Expansions View
Custom Group Health Customize the way you track your groups' health. Select from popular church health templates or create your own. Integrations View
Dashboard BETA This plugin adds a beautiful start page to assist disciple makers in knowing what are the most important actions to take (New Contacts, Contacts Needing Update, etc). Beta, Expansions View
Data Reporting The Disciple Tools Data Reporting plugin assists in exporting data to an external data reporting source, such as cloud providers like Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure. The plugin allows you to manually download your data in CSV and JSON (newline delimited) formats. However, it's primary intended use is for automating data export directly to your choosen cloud provider. 1. Featured, 3. Community Contributions, Integrations, Utilities View
Demo Content Disciple.Tools - Demo Content Plugin extends the Disciple.Tools system for rapid content addition for training purposes. Developer Tools, Utilities View
Disciple Tools – Availability Easily find the best time slot for a group with many members. View
Disciple Tools Import Easily import your contact or group data into Disciple.Tools from a CSV file. View
Disciple Tools MailChimp Integrate your Mailchimp audience lists with Disciple Tools and keep contact information continuously in sync between the two platforms. Integrations View
Disciple Tools Quick Comments BETA Disciple Tools - Quick Comments is intended to help users post updates more efficiently. 3. Community Contributions, Beta, Expansions View
DiscipleTools Pray4Movement 24/7 Prayer Coordinator BETA Add a prayer campaigns module to Disciple.Tools that allows for non-users to subscribe to pray for specific locations at specific times, supporting both time and geographic prayer saturation for your project. Beta View
Facebook Disciple Tools Facebook Integration Plugin extends the Disciple Tools system with Facebook integration. 1. Featured, Integrations View
GenMapper Disciple Tools - Genmapper. This plugin adds a generation mapping to the metrics section of the Disciple Tools system. Generation mapping shows parent/child relationship between contact, baptisms, and groups. 1. Featured, Data and Metrics View
List Exports This plugin add a tile to the list page for contacts that allows you to the list with Blind Carbon Copy (BCC), Mapping of the List, Phone list, and CSV export. 1. Featured, Data and Metrics, Expansions View
ManyChat POC Create an integration between Disciple Tools and ManyChat. The purpose is to get a basic contact creation integration in place. Integrations, Proof of Concept View
Meetings Tracker POC Track your group meetings 3. Community Contributions, Proof of Concept View
Metrics Export This plugin enables a Disciple Tools system to export telemetry data in a secure manner to visualization systems. The key to this plugin is that it is expandable to serve other kinds of exports beyond the default export 1. Featured, Data and Metrics, Integrations, Utilities View
Mobile App Plugin The Disciple.Tools - Mobile App Extension works in conjunction with the Mobile App found in the App Stores. This plugin enables a Disciple.Tools system to receive connections from the mobile app. 1. Featured, Expansions, Utilities View
Multisite Special administrative tools for multisite Disciple Tools systems. These tools help the Super Admin of a multisite server maintain and protect a system with many Disciple Tools systems. They also extend multi-site capacity to key plugins like the Network Dashboard. Multisite, Utilities View
Multisite Dropdown Add simple dropdown that lists other Disciple.Tools site the user is a member of on the same multisite server. Multisite View
Network Dashboard The Network Dashboard facilitates the reporting connection between different Disciple.Tools systems. In this way, multiple groups can work towards saturation for a common area by sharing high level reporting data between their systems. 1. Featured, Data and Metrics, Expansions, Integrations, Multisite, Utilities View
Personal Migration BETA Allow users to migrate their contacts and groups to another Disciple Tools system. This plugin adds a section to the users settings page and allows them to a personal migration to another system. Beta, Utilities View
PII Obliterator Warning: Highly destructive plugin! This plugin is for DEVELOPERS ONLY. It rewrites all personally identifiable information in a database. The primary use case is for developers who are working with local versions of systems that have vulnerable or security sensitive records. Developer Tools View
Plugin Starter Template Disciple Tools - Starter Plugin Template Developer Tools View
Static Section This simple extension allows you to add a new tab to the top tab area and add a menu of iframes or HTML content. This can be used to publish static resources for downloading, or frame in external charts from tools like Google Data Studio. It is a highly flexible way to extend and include resources into the Disciple Tools system. Developer Tools, Expansions View
Streams BETA A stream is a collection of work, large or small. The streams plugin interconnects leaders, disciples, groups, churches, trainings, and other elements with census style reporting. A stream can be a large organization, movement, or a few groups started from a single training. It is a named effort that needs to be tracked for good stewardship. Beta, Expansions View
Training This is a Disciple Tools extension that tracts events like Trainings, Meetings, Shares and cross references against contacts, groups, and locations. 1. Featured, Expansions View
Webform Add a lead form to any website and integrate those leads into the Disciple Tools system. Build custom lead forms through an admin interface, assign leads to dispatcher, and tag with sources. Special security design allows for forms to be served from one system and privately transferred to the Disciple Tools system. 1. Featured, Integrations View