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Disciple.Tools - Multisite

Add specialized administration tools for Super Admins managing a Disciple.Tools multisite server. We highly recommend this plugin for super administrators running a multisite server.


Running a multisite Disciple.Tools system has great advantages for organizations or multi-team efforts. It allows central management of updates for plugins and theme, cost economy of easily running hundreds Disciple.Tools systems on one server with one database, and sharing single sign-on user accounts between sites on the same server.

These hosting and management advantages come with a couple stresses for the Super Admin that this plugin addresses and provides tools to overcome.


Will Do

  • Adds "Disciple.Tools" menu item to Network Admin area.
  • Adds bulk update trigger
  • Adds import Subsite tool
  • Adds Mapbox Key manager
  • Adds Network Dashboard authorization manager
  • Adds Movement Maps authorization manager
  • Helps keep theme and plugins up to date

Will Not Do

  • Work on single server install


  • Multisite Disciple.Tools server
  • Super Admin access to the Network Admin Area


  • Install as a standard Disciple.Tools/Multisite Wordpress plugin in the system Network Admin/Plugins area.
  • Requires the user role of Super Admin.

View Documentation how to use each of the tools


Contributions welcome. You can report issues and bugs in the Issues section of the repo. You can present ideas in the Discussions section of the repo. And code contributions are welcome using the Pull Request system for git. For a more details on contribution see the contribution guidelines.


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