Join the Community

Your skills as a developer matter in reaching the world for Jesus

Join the Disciple.Tools active, open-source community where your contributions will have a direct effect on software currently being used by disciple makers, church planters, and missionaries all over the world.

Contribute to the Disciple.Tools Theme

Disciple.Tools is built on WordPress to make it as easy as possible for anyone to get set up, configure it to their needs and contribute to the benefit of others.

Build a Plugin

Disciple.Tools leverages WordPress’ plugin system to extend the software and enable anyone to build a plugin to configure the setup, add features or integrate with other platforms.

Documentation and Marketing

If you have a gift in writing or making visuals we would love your help improving the documentation or our website. We are looking to make short animated videos explaining who Disciple.Tools is for and how to use and customize it.

Join in the Mobile App Development

We are developing a mobile app to go along with the theme. If you like coding in React and mobile development we invite you to get involved.

Join the Disciple.Tools App development

Add a Disciple.Tools Translation

Easily translate the user interface and contribute the translation to the Disciple.Tools community.

Instance Setup, Hosting and Management

If you like managing servers, updating plugins or helping others get set up, there are many opportunities to help low-tech skilled groups launch Disciple.Tools software.

Contact Us About Helping

"Being a Disciple.Tools contributor has enabled me to give back to the Church, to be part of an active and capable community of developers, designers, creatives, etc..., and to realize a personal goal of helping to lead an open source project. All the while, I have also had neat opportunities to assist with requirements that I would otherwise probably not encounter (i.e., RTL (Right-to-Left) language support, advanced security features, long-running offline usage). A year of contributions on, and we see a bright future ahead. If you're interested in applying state of the art tech in the service of a most meaningful mission, then consider joining us as a contributor!"

Disciple.Tools Contributor