Disciple.Tools is free

Disciple.Tools is offered to the Kingdom community completely free of charge. There is no cost for downloading and using the software. Hosting has a cost, however, and is required. You are free to host with an endless number of WordPress hosting vendors.

Once hosted, Disciple.Tools software allows for unlimited users and records with no costs for user seats or activity volume.

To support continued development of Disciple.Tools please donate.

Cost Comparison

Pricing Disciple.Tools Other CRMs
   Cost per user Free Unlimited $30 per person / per month
   Contact Record Limits Free Unlimited pricing tiers by record count
   Group Record Limits Free Unlimited pricing tiers by record count
   Feature Expansion Free Unlimited premium upgrades available
   Full Customization Free Unlimited never
   Hosting Flat $3-$30/mo included in user cost

Features Comparison

Features Disciple.Tools Other CRMs
   Generation Tracking
   Baptism Tracking
   Discipleship/Coaching Tracking
   People Group Tracking
   Multisite Network Sharing
   Saturation Mapping
   Custom Discipleship Roles & Permissions
   Dispatcher Tools rarely
   Customizable Titles and Fields rarely
   Assignment Management
   Follow-up Reminders
   Sales Tracking
   Financial Tracking
   Membership Tracking sometimes
   Leadership Tracking
   Pre-group to Church Progress
   Generation Tracking
   Church Health Tracking
   People Group Tracking
   Generation Mapping
   Contact Saturation Mapping
   Church Saturation Mapping
   User Response Mapping
   Church Health Reports
   Multisite Network Dashboard Reports
   Contact Source Reports
   Income/Expense Reports
   Product Sales Reports
   Multilingual Field Translations
   Custom Tiles rarely
   Custom Fields sometimes
   Custom Lists
   Multilingual sometimes
   Multilingual for Minor Languages
   Pace Reports
   Activity Reports
FREE UPGRADES (via plugins)
   Training Tracking & Mapping
   Multisite Network Dashboard
   Two Factor Authentication sometimes
   Facebook Integration sometimes
   Website Leadform sometimes
   Mailchimp Integration sometimes
   Server Hosting & Maintenance
   SSL Connection Certificate


Disciple.Tools requires WordPress hosting. WordPress is also free and open source, but to make it available online, it must be hosted by a web hosting service.