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Media2Movement, Follow-up Networks

Top Challenges Facing Media Teams

  • Large numbers of field partners¬†

  • Integration to social platforms

  • Geographically distributed teams

  • Reporting on face to face discipleship¬†

Disciple.Tools can help!

The End-to-End Funnel

Media ministry is not new, but what is new is the level of commitment modern media ministries are showing in getting past the “influence at a distance” model. Simply pushing media into the internet is no longer good enough. We want to serve the seekers our media finds all they way to face-to-face and life-on-life meetings.

We want every seeker to be served as they journey from seeking to conversion to multiplying disciples to planting churches. The steps are available to each who would come.

This kind of end-to-end (seeker to church planter) roadmap has many specific challenges. The largest is moving from online to offline. This is a massive social risk for anyone in any culture.

It would be a crushing shame if someone took that massive social risk to say “I’m here and I will meet with someone who could show me the way of Jesus” … and we failed to follow up or failed to show equal or even greater persistence and risk than them as His ambassadors.

This is why Disciple.Tools exists.

Outreach & Response Phase (Online)


Disciple.Tools is not designed to replace social engagement software like Hubspot, Agora Pulse, Hootesuite, and Echo … or even the native tools in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Mailchimp. All of these can serve the online marketing and social engagement phase. Disciple.Tools is designed to connect the seekers found through these various platforms with on-the-ground disciple makers.

Many integrations to these platforms can be facilitated through the plugin community. A few of these are as follows:

Webform plugin integration

Facebook plugin integration


Connecting Online to Offline

Disciple.Tools serves the behind-the-scenes but vitally important phase of connecting the online contact to the offline multiplier. Supporting this phase of the end-to-end journey is a unique strength of Disciple Tools.

User Management: The Dispatcher has unique access to users of the software.

Coming soon: Intelligent Routing Tools: A unique tool set is available to Dispatchers to identify the best multiplier to receive a contact, either by availability, responsiveness, or location.

Notifications on Contacts Needing Assignment: The notification system helps the Dispatcher know that new contacts are ready for dispatch, conversations that are happening around contacts, when updates are needed and contacts need assignment.

Additional Metrics to Identify Pace Issues: Unique project level metrics help the Dispatcher to see big picture health of the follow-up process.

Multiplication (Offline)


Supporting the “boots on the ground” disciple maker (we call a Multiplier) is where Disciple.Tools is in a class of its own.

Assignment and Acceptance Workflow: The first challenge is receiving contacts and coordinating availability. Disciple.Tools has a workflow that helps a Multiplier to say whether they will take responsibility for the contact or if they are too busy to do a good job serving the contact. This helps maintain the pace of followup.

Sharing and Following Contacts: Because it is always best to increase connections between a seeker and other believers, Disciple.Tools is designed so you can connect a team around a contact.

Sub-Assigning a Contact: Disciple.Tools allows you to assign a “Timothy” you are coaching to follow-up on contacts. This Timothy does not have to have an account in the system, but rather you can sub-assign a contact that you are responsible for to another contact you have access to.

Tagging and Filtering: Disciple.Tools allows you to group contacts with tags and list filters. If you are trying to “focus on the few”, you want to identify those who you need to spend more time with. In this case, you can tag a contact as a “Top Leadership” and then you can make a Filter in your contacts list to quick show you only the “Top Leadership”.


Seeker Journey