For Small Teams

If your team is larger than 1, Disciple.Tools can help.

Top Challenges for Small Teams

  • Limited manpower

  • Limited time

  • Imparting the right DNA for movement

  • Technology needs to be simple, ready out of the box, affordable, and sustainable


Too many tasks and not enough people is a common complaint for small teams. 

Automating repetitive tasks can be the fastest way to increase your efficiency, allowing you to take action on the right things and not lose hours on the wrong things.

Disciple.Tools helps disciple makers manage their lists of contacts, identify those who need attention, close those who don’t, and set reminders.


Knowing where to spend time and on what are as important as having more time. Focus and pace increase your time. 

Since 24 hours in a day will never become 25 hours in a day, we must make the most of the hours we have. 

Disciple.Tools helps a disciple maker weed through many tasks and contacts, and evaluate the best place to spend their time.


Healthy DNA is always important, but in the beginning of a movement, it is essential. Instead of being reactive and undisciplined in disciple making, Disciple.Tools helps disciple makers evaluate and act using best practices for multiplication.


Simple Tech

Only the very rare or very blessed small team has a full-time technologist. 

Disciple.Tools is designed to turn on from the first day and begin using for the disciple making task, unlike other marketplace systems that would require a large amount of configuration.