What is Disciple.Tools?

Conceptually, Disciple.Tools is ...

A contact managment software (CRM) for individuals and collaborating teams. read more

A group tracking software for church planting. read more

A generation and leadership tracking software for movements. read more

A saturation strategy and mapping software for church planting efforts. read more

A media to movement software for connecting online seekers with offline disciple makers. read more

An open software that releases ministries to customize or expand tracking according to their needs. read more

Technically, Disciple.Tools is ...

A web application built in PHP, Javascript, CSS and HTML using MySQL as a database and a REST API to power a modern user interface.

A custom theme built for WordPress and benefits from the WordPress framework of expansion by plugins. read more

A web software that needs to be hosted on a WordPress server. read more

An open source web application that is freely distributed and is intended for ministries to self-host their system, keep their data private to themselves, and expand to their own requirements. read more

A core WordPress theme (disciple-tools-theme) expanded by WordPress plugins and plugins designed for the Disciple.Tools theme. read more

Aspirationally, Disciple.Tools is ...

A software to improve the quality of evangelism follow-up and intentionality in the hard work of disciple-making.

A marketplace for ministries to build plugins for what they need and share those plugins to benefit others in the Kingdom. read more

A community of developers contributing their time and talents to Kingdom wide projects. read more

An environment of innovation in using technology to accelerate movements. read more