Disciple Tools - Porch

Adds a customizable home page and landing page system on the public side of a Disciple Tools system.


Host a micro-site home page and unlimited landing pages in the public front of your Disciple.Tools.

This allows a media effort to host a single server with a simple website in front of the Disciple Tools system.


Will Do

  • Adds a landing page post type to the system to the management tools in the administrative area for page building.
  • Adds a Porch Admin role that will allow only certain users to access and edit the landing pages.

Will Not Do

  • Build menu navigation


  • Disciple Tools Theme installed on a Wordpress Server


  • Genesis Block Editor
  • Blocks Animation: CSS Animations for Gutenberg Blocks
  • Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg


  • Install as a standard Disciple.Tools/Wordpress plugin in the system Admin/Plugins area.
  • Requires the user role of Administrator.

Set Up Instructions:



Contributions welcome. You can report issues and bugs in the Issues section of the repo. You can present ideas in the Discussions section of the repo. And code contributions are welcome using the Pull Request system for git. For a more details on contribution see the contribution guidelines.

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