Prayer List


This plugin adds the ability for each user to make a prayer list from contacts and groups. Each user can turn on this app in the settings area and build their own prayer list with tags. It creates a dedicated secure link that can be added to a home screen on a cell phone for easy prayer access.


Will Do

  • Make a daily, weekly, monthly prayer list from contacts, groups, and trainings
  • Make a micro app, enabled in the settings, for a multiplier to put on their phone home screen

Will Not Do

  • Pray for you


  • Disciple Tools Theme installed on a Wordpress Server


  • Install as a standard Disciple.Tools/Wordpress plugin in the system Admin/Plugins area.
  • Requires the user role of Administrator.


Contributions welcome. You can report issues and bugs in the Issues section of the repo. You can present ideas in the Discussions section of the repo. And code contributions are welcome using the Pull Request system for git. For a more details on contribution see the contribution guidelines.

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