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About the Roles

In Disciple Tools there are many different types of roles. Each role is assigned upon account creation and can be changed later in the admin area. A user can be assigned one role or multiple roles. Each role has varying access permissions. For example, only certain user types can access all contacts. This is designed with security in mind.

Role Types

  • DT Admin (Visionary/Leader): Helps the team keep the vision and mobilizes others to join
  • Multiplier: A disciple of Jesus that makes disciples of Jesus that makes disciples of Jesus
  • Digital Responder: Interacts with seekers online until they’re ready to meet face-to-face
  • Dispatcher: Connects seekers with a Multiplier for a face-to-face relationship
  • Marketer: Develops content that will reach the target audience
  • Administrator (Technologist): Upgrades a Media to Disciple Making Movement system to a digital system when it grows more complex
  • User Manager: Lists, invites, promotes and demotes users
  • Strategist: Analyzes metrics and makes informed decisions
  • Subscriber/Registered: Cannot access any information but his own.

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Last Modified: October 13, 2021