Inviting a user from a Contact Record

If there is already a contact record for the user you want to add, there is an easy option. In the Contact Record, click the Dispatcher actions dropdown menu on the top, left. Then click Make a user from this contact. Add the User’s email, change the display name if needed and then click Create user.

Dispatcher actions

Example: If you follow-up with a seeker online, the system (e.g. Facebook plugin) will have made them a contact record in Disciple.Tools. Only the Admin and Dispatcher roles can see his record as well as the Multiplier assigned to him. Later, you want to train him in how to use Disciple.Tools so he can take new media contacts himself. The DT admin (not the Multiplier) would invite him as a user but attach this user to his already existing contact record. Only the DT admin would see this connection.

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Last Modified: January 25, 2021