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Disciple.Tools can be set up as a Single Site or as a Multisite.
With a multisite, the same user can log into multiple instances or version of Disciple.Tools using the same username and password.

A single site will give you an instance where you and your users can collaborate on contacts, groups, and more. All your contacts will be in one place and are managed by the Admin and Dispatchers.This is a great starting point if you are a small team working in together over one region. But suppose you have a team in New York with a Facebook Ministry and a team in Chicago with a cool Website and another team in a different location doing campus ministry. It soon become overwhelming to have all the contacts one spot. This is why you might want to separate the teams out into different instances using WordPress as a multisite.The Serve could be set up like this:

  • ministry.com – a D.T instance, or a front facing webpage
  • new-york.ministry.com – instance for the New York team
  • chicago.ministry.com – instance for the Chicago team
  • etc

You may choose to have a different instance for each location you are in. You can also separate based on teams, language, media page, etc.

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Last Modified: January 14, 2022