Add Existing User

You will only see this option if you are within a multisite. An existing user is someone who is already a user on another Disciple.Tools site hosted within the larger multisite server.

More simply, a multisite is like a neighborhood of houses that share the same road network. Each house has its own address and its own key. Adding an existing user is like giving your trusted neighbor a key to your house. He/she can login to both sites and receive contacts.

An Example of an existing User

If your organization has a Disciple.Tools multisite with multiple Disciple.Tools sites (for each team) within it, then you can add a user from one of these other team sites. If there was a worker on a separate team who also works closely with your team, this worker is already a user within the organization’s Disciple.Tools multisite. You would have to add him/her using their already existing user information.

1. Email

If you want to add an existing user from another site, enter the user’s email.

2. Role

The default role is “Registered.” You will need to change the role according to the level of access you want to give the user. To learn more about User Roles, see Roles.

3. Corresponds to Contact

Ignore the Corresponds to Contact unless the user you are adding corresponds to a pre-existing contact record.

For example, if you follow-up with a seeker online, the system (e.g. Facebook plugin) will have made them a contact record in Disciple.Tools. Only the Admin and Dispatcher roles can see his record as well as the Multiplier assigned to him. Later, you want to train him in how to use Disciple.Tools so he can take new media contacts himself. The DT admin (not the Multiplier) would invite him as a user but attach this user to his already existing contact record. Only the DT admin would see this connection.

If you want to do this, see the section “Inviting a user from a Contact Record” below.

4. Click “Add Existing User“ button

To successfully add the existing user, click the Add Existing User red button.

The user will then receive an activation email with a link. After the user clicks this link, they will be added to the Disciple.Tools site. The user will login to all sites within the multisite network using the same username/email and password.

Here is what adding an existing user looks like:

Add existing user

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Last Modified: December 24, 2020