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Increasing User Access

Listing Users

By default multipliers and other user roles do not have access to list out all the other users in a D.T instance.
Not all contexts need this extra layer of security and privacy, and this functionality can be changed.

On your D.T instance navigate to WP Admin > Settings (D.T) .
Scroll down to the “User Preference” Tile. Here you can select which roles can list out all the D.T users when:

  • Assigning or Subassigning Records
  • Connecting Record (Coaching fields, Baptism fields, Group Member fields, etc)
  • Sharing records
  • @mentioning other users

This does not give the role the permission to view the user record or to update any other user’s fields.

Inviting Users

Check the box if you wish to allow multipliers to invite other users into the system as multipliers.

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Last Modified: December 16, 2021