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DescriptionHere you can set some security headers for the Theme.How to access:

  1. Access the admin backend by clicking on the gear on the top right and then click Admin.
  2. In the left hand column, select Settings (DT).
  3. Click the tab titled Security.

These security settings are enabled by default. We recommend leaving them enabled unless you run into any issues.

Enable and Configure Security Headers

  • X-XSS-Protection: Enable cross-site scripting filters.
  • Referrer-Policy: Set Referrer Policy to “same-origin” to avoid leaking D.T activity.
  • X-Content-Type-Options: Stops a browser from trying to MIME-sniff the content type.
  • Strict-Transport-Security: Enforce the use of HTTPS.

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Last Modified: January 25, 2021