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Contacts Record Page

Contact record
  1. Contact Record Toolbar
  2. Status and Assignment Tile
  3. Details Tiles
  4. Comments and Activity Tile
  5. Connections Tile
  6. Progress Tile

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1. Contact Record Toolbar

Contact record toolbar

Update Needed

This option only shows up for certain roles (i.e. DT Admin, Dispatcher). Usually a Dispatcher will toggle this on Update needed toggle when they are wanting an update on a specific contact.

After toggling this on, the user who is assigned to this contact will see this message:

Admin Actions

This option only shows up for certain roles (i.e. DT Admin, Dispatcher).

  • Make a user from this contact: This option will take a regular contact and make them into a Disciple.Tools user. (E.g.A contact becomes a local partner and Multiplier.)
  • Link to an existing user: If a Contact Record matches an already existing Disciple.Tools users, you can use this option to link them together.
  • Merge with another contact: If there are multiple Contact Records for the same contact, you can use this option to merge them together.

Follow Contact

Following a contact means that you are actively receiving notifications about activity in their contact record. If you are assigned to a user, you must follow them. If you are sub-assigned or have been shared the contact, you can choose to follow or not follow the contact by toggling on or off the follow button

Following: Follow on vs. Not Following: Follow off

Share Contact

Click Share to share a contact record with another user. This user will be able to view, edit, and comment on your contact’s record. Clicking on this button will show you with whom it is currently shared.

2. Status and Assignment Tile

Contact Name

The name of the contact will show up here. You can edit that in the Details section.

Contact Status

This describes the status of the contact in relationship to the Disciple.Tools system and Multiplier.

  • New Contact – The contact is new in the system.
  • Not Ready – There is not enough information to move forward with the contact at this time.
  • Dispatch Needed – This contact needs to be assigned to a multiplier.
  • Waiting to be accepted – The contact has been assigned to someone, but has not yet been accepted by that person.
  • Active – The contact is progressing and/or continually being updated.
  • Paused – This contact is currently on hold (i.e. on vacation or not responding).
  • Closed – This contact has made it known that they no longer want to continue or you have decided not to continue with him/her.

Assigned to

This is the user assigned to the contact. They are the ones responsible for the contact and updating the contact’s profile. When the Dispatcher assigns you a new contact, you will see this message pop up within the Contact Record:

Assignment needed

To assign a user to this contact, begin typing the name of the user and when it appears, select it.

Assigned to

Sub-assigned to

This is someone working alongside of the main person assigned to the contact. You may find that you are partnering with others in your discipleship relationships. Only one person can be assigned while multiple people can be sub-assigned.

3. Contact Details Tile

These are the details about a contact. You can change the information here by clicking edit. The information you add here, will also be used to help you filter your contacts in the Contacts List Page.

4. Comments and Activity Tile

Making a Comment (Contact)

This tile is where you will want to record important notes from meetings and conversations with a contact.

Type @ and the name of a user to mention them in a comment. This user will then receive a notification.

Use the comment type field to assign a comment to be a particular type.

Quick actions (Contact)

These are designed to help multipliers record their activity quickly when they are interacting with several contacts.

Comments and Activity Feed (Contact)

Below the comment box, there is a feed of information. Recorded here are timestamps of every action that has taken place within this Contact Record and conversations between users about the contact.

You can filter the feed by clicking on one or more of the following:

Comments: This shows all of the comments made by users about the contact

Activity: This is running list of all of the activity changes made to a Contact Record

Facebook If you have the Facebook plugin installed, private messages from Facebook will automatically added here.

5. Connections Tile

This tile give you the ability to quickly navigate between groups and other contacts connected to this specific contact.

Connections tile

Groups: Quickly navigate to contact’s group or church record

To add a new group or church, click Add group

Baptized By: Add the individual(s) who were involved with baptizing the contact.

Baptized: Add the individual(s) who the contact has personally baptized.

Coached: Add the individual(s) who is providing ongoing coaching for this contact

Coaching: Add the individual(s) who the contact is personally coaching.

6. Progress Tile

This tile helps a multiplier to keep track of a contact’s spiritual journey.

Progress tile

Seeker Path: These are the steps that happen in a specific order to help a contact move forward.

Faith Milestones: These are points in a contact’s spiritual journey worth celebrating but can happen in any order.

Baptism Date: For metrics reporting, it is important to always note the day a person is baptized.

Other Tile

As Disciple.Tools develops, tiles will change and new ones will become accessible. If you have a need or request, contact your Disciple.Tools Admin who has the ability to edit and create custom tiles.

Other tile

Tags: Add tags to contacts to help yourself quickly find contacts associated with noteworthy characteristics.

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