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Multiplier Base

The Multiplier is the base role in Disciple.Tools. It is designed for the boots on the group user who’s main concern is making Disciples.
The Multiplier only has access to the contacts and groups they have created and that have been shared with them.

Most other roles are built upon the multiplier role and have can do the same things.

A Multiplier can:

  • Create contacts and groups
  • Update their contact and groups
  • View and update contacts and groups that have been shared with them
  • View personal metrics
  • View Critical Path metric page
  • List users they have interacted with, not all users in the system. Configurable*

Team Collaboration

Roles with this feature set have access to more contacts and features. They can:

  • See all team contacts. These are contacts created for collaboration, they can be from media or other access sources or created personally
    • *access to team contacts can be limited on certain roles to only contacts from specific sources.

Group Collaboration

  • See all groups

List All Users

  • List all users (to assign, subassign, @mention, etc)
    • configure which user can do they here
  • Update some user profile and responsibility fields

Manage Users

  • Add, remove and update users

Manage D.T

  • Customize D.T settings and fields
  • Enable and Disable D.T plugins
  • Customize plugins settings

Manage WP

  • Install and uninstall plugins
    • On multisites this is reserved for the Super Administrator
  • Manage plugin settings for non D.T plugins
  • Create more D.T subsites on a multisite

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Last Modified: December 16, 2021