CSV Import Plugin v1.2

Do you LOVE CSVs?

Well... importing a CSV into Disciple.Tools just got better.

Introducing: Contact Duplicate Checking!

I'll set the stage. I just imported 1000 contacts with email address into Disciple.Tools. Yay!

But wait... I forgot that I also wanted to import the phone number column as well. Ok, now let me DELETE the 1000 contacts and start again.

But wait! What's this?


I can upload the CSV again and let Disciple.Tools find the contact by the email address and update it instead of creating a new one! While I'm at it, I'll add a tags column to the CSV and a 'import_2023_05_01' tag to all the contacts so I can refer back to them if needed.

And here are some of the previous updates

Geolocate Addresses

If you have a Mapbox or Google mapping key installed,


Then we can add a few addresses to our CSV and have Discple.Tools geocode them as they come in. One advantage is letting us show the records on maps in the Metrics section. image

May 4, 2023

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