Disciple.Tools Hosting with Crimson

Disciple.Tools has partnered with Crimson to provide a managed hosting option to our users. Crimson provides business-grade managed hosting solutions to organizations large and small while utilizing the fastest and most secure technology available.  Crimson also supports the mission of Disciple.Tools and has dedicated their company to directly influencing the discipleship movement across the globe.

Services & Features

  • Data housed in US Servers
  • Daily backups
  • 99.9% Uptime guarantee
  • Single Instance (inside a network), Single Site or Multi-site options.
  • Option for a custom domain name (single site & multi-site)
  • SSL Security Certificate – Encryption in transmission 
  • Assistance with site customization (Not execution of customization)
  • Tech support


Disciple Tools Starter – $20 USD Monthly

A single instance inside of a network. No option for custom domain name or 3rd party plugins.

Disciple Tools Standard – $25 USD Monthly

A standalone site with the option for a custom domain name, 3rd party plugins. Can be upgraded to a multi-site (network) platform in the future.

Disciple Tools Organization – $50 USD Monthly

A network platform with multiple connected sites (up to 20) – allows for transfering of contacts and administrator oversight for all connected sites. Option for custom domain name, administrator control of 3rd party plugins for all sites.

Disciple Tools Enterprise  – $100 USD Monthly

Up to 50 network sites. Each site beyond 50 is an additional $2.00 USD per month.

Next Steps

Visit https://crimsonpowered.com/disciple-tools-hosting/ to set up your account. Once you make your purchase, sites are set up within 24 hrs.

April 19, 2023

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