Theme Release v1.11.0

In this update

  • We added a D.T News feed on the WP Admin Dashboard. By @prykon.
  • Batched notification setting. By @squigglybob.
  • If this then that workflow and automation builder. By @kodinkat.
  • Fix 4 fields tiles and add documentation
  • Custom connection fields upgrade
  • Dev: Clickable links in tile help descriptions modal

Batched Notification Setting

We've added the option to receive all notifications in one email every hour or day instead each notification right away. Available under your profile settings (your name in the top right) and scroll down to the Notifications:


Workflow Automation

The new workflow automation tool adds the ability to set defaults to contacts and update fields when certain actions happen. This makes what previously needed a programmer and a custom plugin available for anyone to use. Examples:

  • Assigning contacts based on locations
  • Sub-assigning contacts based on languages
  • Adding a tag when a group reaches a certain health metric
  • When a Facebook contact is assigned to x, also subassign y.
  • When a member is added to a group, check the "in group" milestone on the member contact record
  • When a contact is created and no people group is assigned, automatically add people group z.

Find this tool under WP Admin > Settings (DT) > Workflows

When a contact is created from Facebook: image Assign it to Dispatcher Damian image

Four fields

image (1)

Custom connection fields

We can now create custom connection fields that are unidirectional. This will work like the subassigned field. This lets us link one contact record to other contacts while keeping that connection from showing on the other contacts.

image image

Custom connections fields can be created from WP Admin > Settings (DT) > Fields

Clickable links in tile help descriptions

DT will automatically look for urls in tile descriptions and replace them with clickable links.

August 25, 2021

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