Theme Release v1.12.0


  1. Bulk add comments to records by @micahmills.
  2. List filter search for records "without" a certain connection (like coach) by @squigglybob.
  3. List filter icons next to field names by @squigglybob.
  4. Fix using comment reactions on safari and ios by @micahmills.
  5. Global search: start typing right away and choose what to search by @kodinkat.
  6. D.T release notifications modal by @corsacca.
  7. Extensions (DT) tab has a new look with all plugins available by @prykon
  8. Usage reporting to visualize which plugins and mapping strategies are being used.


  1. Fix for loading more web notifications by @kodinkat.
  2. Fix bug keeping multipliers from updating the locations they are responsible for.


  1. Conditionally show tiles with the display_for parameter
  2. New capability to check if the user can access the D.T front end: access_disciple_tools

1. Adding comments in bulk


2. and 3. List filter icons and without connections

Here we are creating a filter to search for all contact that to not have a "Coached By" connection


4. Comment reaction


5. Global search


6. Release Notification Modal

You have probably noticed this already, or might be reading this from it right now. When the theme is updated you might see a summary of the changes in a modal like this one when logging in to your Disciple.Tools:


7. and 8. Check out the new Extension Tab for the WP-Admin section

Now admin can browser and install any of the plugin that are on Disciple.Tool's plugins list from


September 9, 2021

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