Theme Release v1.21.0

What's Changed

  1. List view: Ability to remove parameters from a filter by @kodinkat
  2. Activity Highlights metrics section by @squigglybob
  3. Set Notification Emails "from address" and "from name" by @kodinkat

1. List view: Ability to remove parameters from a filter

Keep the same filter, but without one of the queries image

2. Activity Highlights metrics

Show highlights form a time range (last year) with a summary of Contacts and Groups Created, Meetings, Faith Milestones, Seeker Path, Baptisms, Groups, Group Health Metrics image

3. Notification Emails

Set the email address and from name that D.T notification email are sent with. image

Also announcing changes coming in 1.22.0

  • Admins/dispatchers can access all users-contact records.
  • New users will automatically have their user-contact shared with them.
  • New "This contact represents a user" and "This contact represents you as a user." banner on the contact record
  • Link to user-contact in profile settings, if you have access to it
  • Removed the modal on the record to "create a user from this contact" and merged in with the user-management new contact section
  • Add option to archive comments when inviting a user from an existing contact
  • Simplify new contact form removing connection type from view. Rename contact types: Standard and Private
  • Add new contact type "Connection"
  • Ability to hide "Private Contact" type

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January 13, 2022

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