Theme Release v1.30.0

What's New

  • Status Indicators on records by @kodinkat
  • Font Icon Selector by @kodinkat
  • List Filters: Add ability to exclude field values by @kodinkat
  • List Filters: search for field by @kodinkat
  • Custom Workflows: action to set current date by @cairocoder01
  • Custom Workflows: workflow updates show as being done by the workflow name in activity by @kodinkat


  • Custom Workflows: fix infinite updating loop by @kodinkat
  • Merging: fix to keep email or phone from being removed by @kodinkat
  • Merging: fix for when a connection field is not available by @corsacca


Status Indicators on records

See the record status in Advanced Search or in record lists




Font Icon Selector

Used in the field updating section WP Admin > Settings (D.T) > Fields This gives us the ability to choose the field icon by selecting from a list of existing icons.


Exclude Filters

Chose items to exclude when creating a custom filter exclude

Filters Search for fields

Type to search for the field you are looking for filters-search

August 10, 2022

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