Theme Release v1.34.0

New Features

  • Avoid duplicates on Contact creation with duplicate checker by @prykon
  • Create Roles with default post type permissions


  • Fix language label for Romanian
  • Fix WP Admin font icon picker not loading
  • Fix searching for comments in list view
  • Unblock /wp/v2/users/me for some plugins to work better (iThemes Security).

Development upgrades

  • Add dev key option to site links to be reference by plugins


Contact Creation Duplicate Checker

We now check if another contact already exists for a certain email in order to avoid creating duplicate contacts. Also works with phone numbers. duplicate-emails

Create Roles with default post type permissions

We made it easier to create custom roles with specific permissions for all the record types (contacts, groups, trainings, etc). image

Site link dev key (developer)

Add a custom key to the site link configuration. This lets a plugin find its needed site link image

$site_keys = Site_Link_System::instance()::get_site_keys();
//filter for site_key['dev_key'] === 'your_dev_key';

Full Changelog:

December 9, 2022

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