Theme Release v1.40.0

What's Changed

  • Lists page: "Split By" Feature
  • Lists page: Load More button now adds 500 records instead of 100
  • People groups: Ability to install all People Groups
  • People groups: New people groups are installed with country geolocated
  • Customizations (D.T): Ability to delete Tiles. Show Field Type
  • Customizations (D.T): Show field type when editing a field
  • Record page: Change activity for some connection to other records to include record type
  • Keep duplicate Email or Phones number from being created.
  • Fix: Merging records fix for Assigned To
  • API: Login from mobile now returns correct error codes.
  • API: Tags are available in the settings endpoint
  • API: "corresponds to contact" info added to user endpoint


Lists page: Split By Tile

This feature works on any list and filter you have selected. Select a field like "Contact status" and see how many times each status is used in your list.


Narrow down you report with a custom filter, say "contacts created last year", and see the list by status or location, or which users are assigned, or anything you chose.

Then click on one of the rows to only show those records in the List section


Full Changelog:

May 5, 2023

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