Theme Release v1.41

New Features

  • Metrics: Activity During Date Range (@kodinkat)
  • Customizations (D.T): Section updates and fixes
  • Customizations (D.T): Font-icon picker (@kodinkat)
  • Settings To Disable New User Mention Notifications (@kodinkat)


  • Settings(D.T): Fix saving field settings and translations (@kodinkat)
  • Workflow: better handle "not equals" and "not contains" when field is not set (@cairocoder01)


Metrics: Activity During Date Range

Want to know what contacts changed assignment in July? Which groups were marked as being a church this year? Which contacts user X baptized since February?

You can now find out by heading to Metrics > Project > Activity During Date Range. Select the record type, the field and the date range.


Customizations (D.T) Beta: Font-icon picker

Instead of finding and uploading an icon for a field, choose from many available "Font Icons". Lets change the "Groups" field icon:


Click "Change Icon" and search for "group":


Select the Group icon and click Save. And here we have:


Settings To Disable New User Mention Notifications

When a user is invited to D.T they get 2 emails. One is the default WordPress email with their account information. The other is a welcome email from D.T with a link to their contact record. These settings enable the admin to disable those emails. image

June 12, 2023

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