Theme Release v1.47

What's Changed

  • New Date & Time field
  • New Users table
  • Allow roles to be edited in Settings (D.T) > Roles
  • Metrics > Field Activity: Fix for some rows not showing
  • Fix for display of People Groups tab in the Navigation bar

Dev Changes

  • Functions to use local storage instead of cookies for client configurations.
  • Shared escape function instead of lodash.escape


New Date & Time field

We've had the "Date" field since the start. You now have the ability to create a "Datetime" field. This simply add a time element when saving a date. Great for saving meeting times, appointments, etc.


Users Table

The Users table has been rewritten in order to work on system with 1000s of users. Additionally a plugin can add or remove desired table columns.


Full Changelog:

August 21, 2023

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