Theme Release v1.51

What's New

  • When installing People Groups, only one record for each ROP3 ID will be installed by @kodinkat
  • Field Customizations: Ability to create User Select fields by @kodinkat
  • Ability to merge link fields when merging records by @kodinkat
  • When deleting a user, reassign all their contacts to a selected user by @kodinkat
  • Genmapper metrics: Ability to hide a subtree by @kodinkat
  • Ability to set alternate name for "Magic Link" by @kodinkat


  • Field Customizations: fix white page when adding translations by @kodinkat
  • Field Customizations: modals will no longer disappear when clicking outside of them by @kodinkat
  • Dynamic Metrics: Fix Date Range results by @kodinkat
  • Only check for theme updates when needed on a multisite by @corsacca
  • Fix creating some custom connection fields by @corsacca


Ability to create User Select fields

Let's say you have a new custom record type you've created in WP Admin. We'll use conversations as an example. You want to make sure each conversation is assigned to a user. Let's head over to the Customizations section and create an "Assigned To" field to track the responsible users.


Click add new field and then select the "User Select" as the Field Type.


You can now assign the conversation to the right user:


Full Changelog:

November 16, 2023

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