Theme Release v1.57

What's New

  • List Page: Full Width by @corsacca
  • List Page: Horizontally Scrollable by @EthanW96
  • List Exports section added Email, Phone and Map from list exports plugin by @kodinkat
  • Ability to Import custom post types in Utilities > Import and UI upgrade

What's Changed

  • Translations updates
  • Allow emails to display html links by @corsacca
  • Disable autocomplete on new user fields by @kodinkat
  • Metrics: Fix Genmapper bug when no connection fields are available by @kodinkat
  • Dev: Activity log table object_type column now corresponds to the field key instead of the meta key by @kodinkat
  • Dev: Lists API Unit Tests by @kodinkat


Full width and scrollable list page

Lets start with what this page looked like:


Small columns, just glimpses of the data... Add now with the upgrade:


List Exports

In v1.54 we brought in the CSV list export functionality from the list exports plugin. Today the others also join the list: BCC Email List, Phone List and Map List. These will help you get the emails or phone number from the contacts you are viewing or see your current list displayed on a map.


Ability to Import custom post types in Utilities > Import and UI upgrade

Need to transfer some fields form one D.T instance to another? What about the custom post type you created? We got you covered. Create an export file in Utilities (D.T) > Exports. Then upload it in Utilities (D.T) > Imports.

Here you can import your custom post types: image

Or choose just some parts like this tile and fields:


Thanks for partnering with Disciple.Tools!

Full Changelog:

February 16, 2024

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