Theme Release: v1.6.0

New Features:

  • Advanced Global Search in the top navbar by @kodinkat
  • Tags field type, create your own tag field form the WP Admin by @cairocoder01
  • Personal/Private Fields, create private fields in the WP Admin to track personal data by @micahmills
  • Metrics: Fields over Time Charts, chose a field and see it’s progression over time by @squigglybob


  • Fix locations not showing up in list view by @corsacca
  • Some date’s not showing in user’s selected language by @squigglybob
  • Fix some user inviting and upgrading workflows by @corsacca
  • Better contact transfer on records with lots of comments by @corsacca
  • WP Custom Fields section better UI by @prykon
  • WP ability to change field visibility on different contact types by @corsacca

May 18, 2021

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