Heavenly Economy

We built Disciple.Tools as a free and open source software, and our heart is that it always will be. We know that many of the greatest Kingdom workers, who most need Disciple.Tools, could never afford typical CRM software prices.

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For example, for-profit CRMs would cost typical small missionary teams of less than 10 people, more than $4,800 annually (Sugar CRM) on a per user pricing model.

We don’t use any of these pricing models. But we do want our users to consider the value of the free software you’re using and invite you to join us in the Heavenly Economy by giving to Disciple.Tools’ ongoing development costs.


There are a lot of software pricing models. All of them tempt you toward things (using limited features, having less users, entering fewer contacts into your database) that aren’t in the best interest of your work (which we think is literally the most important work on the planet–multiplying obedient disciples among the nations!).

Good news! You don’t have to feel any temptation to do that stuff! You can have as many users and as many contacts as you want, have the absolute best features available! It’s yours! But this is not to say what is “free” has been cheap, that it can be sustained, or that it can be improved without someone choosing to invest in it. So we invite you to do it. Can you cover your costs? Might God have blessed you to be able to provide for the costs of work that brothers and sisters from less wealthy scenarios do? Would you even want to help us take Disciple.Tools to the next level?