For 2022-2023 the project has some big picture goals:

  1. Accessibility
    1. Simple, reliable hosting options – We want to empower a hosting solution as a preferred partner with an easy to launch and maintain hosting system.
    2. Multilingual support – We want to support plugin localization with a more scalable system than the current POEditor process.
    3. Improve configuration/setup experience – We want to look for ways to clarify and simplify the administration, setup, and configuration experience.
    4. Improve documentation system – We want to make the user documentation more complete and easier to use and update.
  2. Innovation to support movements
    1. Expand micro user experience – We want to use micro apps/magic links as a strategy to enable small interactions with contacts who may or may not be users in the system. This would support the organic nature of movement and the disciples in a movement interacting with the system without feeling like they are “interacting with a CRM system”.
    2. Expand generational mapping – We would like to see much more visual use of the generational tracking that exists in the system. Easier generational visualizations and micro generational visuals throughout the system.
    3. Expand team support – We want to see the system more natively support “team” style collaboration.
    4. People groups support – We want to better track and manage people groups in synchronization with Joshua Project.
  3. Open source stewardship 
    1. Develop key stakeholders – We consider every code contributor, every product evangelist, and every implementor a partner in this kingdom enterprise, but we also want to develop a small group of partners who will share the financial and vision leadership of the software.
      1. Host quarterly Disciple.Tools stewardship meetings on Zoom with leaders.
    2. Develop user community
      1. Moderate the Disciple.Tools slack
      2. Increase documentation and videos
      3. Regular D.T news releases to the email list.
    3. Develop the developer community
      1. Host the Disciple.Tools Summit in October
      2. Steward monthly developer zoom calls with contributors
      3. Regular release communication on new versions to the email list and website.