A Software for Disciple Making Movements

Disciple.Tools is designed by disciple makers for disciple makers to increase time you can spend with people.

Disciple.Tools lets you work collaboratively to effectively serve spiritual seekers around you.

Bring clarity to your team through delegating contacts and groups and reducing confusion and redundancy.

You need a way to steward the people God has given your ministry.

Disciple.Tools gives personal and team metrics with automated tasks and reminders to help advance contacts’ and groups’ progress.

You want to see a movement of the Gospel.

Disciple.Tools is uniquely designed for disciple making movements with generational mapping of baptisms and churches.

Disciple.Tools helped organize our team, streamline our communication, easily input new contacts, follow-up with them in a timely manner, assign them to the appropriate teammate, monitor their progress, and track our movement's growth. It made it very easy to see where we are and where we need to go.

- Team Leader using Disciple.Tools