DMM Training

Disciple.Tools is specifically designed help disciple making movements (DMM) accelerate, and the greatest values of the system can’t be unlocked unless you connect with the bigger picture of disciple making and church planting movements.

M2DMM Training

M2DMM refers to Media to Disciple Making Movements. This is the first context from which Disciple.Tools was created. It is an outreach effort that leverages social media, websites, and advertising to find people seeking God. Once having found these seekers, a team attempts to connect the off-line, face-to-face with disciple makers (multipliers) in person. From there, the multiplier shows the seeker the way to Jesus by teaching them to hear from God, obey and share what they have heard. From these obedient faithful seekers, groups form and those groups are encouraged to form generations of groups. The end goal is a church planting movement.

Training on this can be found with:

Kingdom Training (

Online DMM Training

Disciple.Tools does not require a media access strategy but can assist any DMM effort.

We recommend getting DMM training with DMM coaches in person if possible, but if coaches and trainings are not available, we highly recommend Zúme.Training.

Zúme Training is an on-line and in-life learning experience designed for small groups who follow Jesus to learn how to obey His Great Commission and make disciples who multiply.

Zúme Training (