Theme Release v1.36.0

What's Changed

  • Ability add custom comment types in the WP-Admin
  • Fix for locations lookup saving incorrect place.
  • Fix being able to create a comment reaction by a different user.
  • Fix unwanted notifications being sent to other users on a multisite.
  • Notice to install mapbox key to view all maps.

Developer Updates

  • Including the JWT authentication package in the theme core.
  • Site links API key option.


Ability add custom comment types

In WP-Admain > Settings (D.T) > Custom Lists > Contact Comment Types We now have the ability to add customize comment types for Contacts:


Will let us create a comment with the "Praise" comment type.


Which we can then filter for:


Site links API key option

Enabling "Use Token As API Key" will let the token be used directly instead of needing to create a hash including the current time. This makes interacting with the D.T API easier.


Full Changelog:

February 8, 2023

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