Theme Release v1.45

What's Changed

  • Create new record types and customize role access.
  • Bulk Delete records
  • Bulk Unshare records
  • Fix for merging records not removing connections

Creating new record types

So you have Contacts and Groups out of the box. If you have played around with D.T plugins, you may have seen other record types like Trainings. This feature gives you the power of a plugin and lets you create your own record type. Go to WP Admin > Customizations (D.T) and click "Add New Record Type".


Setup tiles and fields:


And see it appear beside your other record types:


Record Type Role Configuration.

Want to configure which users can access your new record type? Head to the Roles tab. By default the Administrator has all the permissions. Here we will give the Multiplier the ability to View and Manage meetings they have access to, and the ability to create meetings:


Bulk Delete Records

Use the More > Bulk Edit tool to select and delete multiple records. Great when multiple contacts are created by accident and need to be removed. image

Note, this feature is only available to users that have the "Delete any record" (see above).

Bulk Unshare Records.

Use the More > Bulk Edit tool to remove shared access for a user to multiple records. Check the "Unshare with selected user" box.

Full Changelog:

August 3, 2023

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