Theme Release v1.52

What's Changed

  • Metrics: Dynamic Map Showing Nearest Multipliers/Groups To Contacts by @kodinkat
  • Ability to create link fields from the Customizations section by @kodinkat
  • Customize if a field shows up by default in the list table by @kodinkat
  • Custom login style upgrades by @cairocoder01
  • Create an activity log when deleting a record by @kodinkat
  • Better top navbar breakpoints by @EthanW96


  • Updated Magic Link submit workflow by @kodinkat
  • Fix for creating new post types with long names by @kodinkat
  • Loading and security improvements for the custom login workflow by @squigglybob


Dynamic Layers Map

Answer questions like:

  • Where is the nearest multiplier to a contact?
  • Where are the active groups?
  • Where are new contacts coming from?
  • etc

Pick and choose what data you want to display on the map as different “Layers”. For example you can add:

  • Contacts with the Status: “New” as one layer.
  • Contacts with the “Has Bible” as another layer.
  • and Users as a third layer.

Each layer will show up as a different color on the map allowing you to see different data points in relation to each other.


New Contributors

Full Changelog:

December 1, 2023

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