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Disciple.Tools and Media to Movement efforts

February 3, 2021

Disciple.Tools is frequently a tool of choice for media to movement practitioners. A collaborative effort to learn how Media to Movements (MTM) efforts are implemented around the world is being conducted through a large scale survey.  As part of the Disciple.Tools community, we want to gain insight from your experience.

If you haven’t, please complete this anonymous survey by Monday, February 8 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern London time (UTC -0)?

This will take 15-30 minutes depending on the length of your answers. Please make sure you have enough time to answer every question. 

It is possible that one or more of your teammates are receiving the same request to complete this survey. We welcome more than one response per team or organization. If you get the same request from others, please fill out only one survey.

Regardless of your experience level, the information you provide will lead to insights about what works and where there are gaps in implementing MTM. These insights will help everyone use MTM more effectively.

Feel free to pass on this survey link to others you have trained in MTM. If those whom you trained are unable to do the survey in English – could you serve as an advocate for their opinions by helping them fill out the survey? Everyone’s contribution is important. 

Our goal is to release the results of the survey by April 7, 2021. The results from last year’s survey have been broadly distributed and have helped improve MTM training methods around the world.

The organizations co-sponsoring this survey are:

  • Crowell Trust
  • Frontiers
  • International Mission Board
  • Jesus Film Project
  • Kavanah Media
  • Kingdom.Training
  • Maclellan Foundation
  • Media to Movements (Pioneers)
  • Media Impact International 
  • M13
  • Mission Media U / Visual Story Network 
  • Strategic Resource Group
  • TWR Motion 

 Thank you for your willingness to share your MTM experiences.

– The Disciple.Tools team

Community Plug-in: Data Reporting by cairocoder01

October 7, 2020

This Disciple.Tools Data Reporting plugin assists in exporting data to an external data reporting source, such as cloud providers like Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure. Currently, only available for Azure with more to come as need arises.

The plugin allows you to manually download your data in CSV and JSON (newline delimited) formats. However, its primary intended use is for automating data export directly to your chosen cloud provider.  By default, the plugin can export data in JSON format to a webhook URL for you to process in any way that you need. Additional plugins could accommodate  other data provider types for sending data directly to your data store using the APIs or SDKs that are available for them. 

Currently, only contact records and contact activity data can be exported, but the same export functionality for groups and group activity data will be coming in upcoming releases.

Multiple exports can be created on a single instance of Disciple.Tools so you can export to multiple data stores if you partner with others who would like reporting data available to them.

Download latest release:


  • Contact / Contact Activity export
  • Preview of data to be exported
  • Data download (CSV, JSON)
  • Automated nightly export
  • Integration with your cloud storage of choice
  • Multiple export configurations per site
  • Externally-created export configurations created by other plugins

Upcoming Features:

  • Group / Group Activity export
  • Configure selection of fields to be exported
  • Documentation for setting up your own cloud reporting environment

New Website Launch

September 1, 2020

Celebrate with us the launch of Disciple.Tools as an enhanced community resource. Learn WHY we exist and HOW we work and quickly access information about the most frequently asked questions.